Elsie and the Child published in 1929, when Edward McKnight Kauffer was at the height of his artistic powers. An American artist who developed a close working relationship with the Curwen Press, well known for designing posters for London Transport, book jackets and textile labels. His drawings for this book were printed using the pochoir stencil method. Pochoir is a refined stencil-based technique employed to create prints or to add colour to pre-existing prints. It was most popular from the late 19th century through the 1930's with its centre of activity in Paris. Pochoir was primarily used to create prints devoted to fashion, patterns, and architectural design and is most often associated with Art Nouveau and Art Deco.


Harold Cohen- The Homecoming by Pinter

Illustrated with nine original single and double page colour lithographs by Harold Cohen. Published by H.Karnac, and printed at the Curwen Press, London, 1968. This edition was designed entirely by the artist, Harold Cohen, and produced by him in collaboration with Robert Simon of Curwen Press. It is folio in size and bound in woven green terylene and decorated with black clutching hands decoration to the top foredge corner of the front cover . The binding, by Mansell, London, forms an integral part of the artist’s design and its colouring and processing were supervised by him. The half title and title are printed on heavy, translucent, drawing film, such as is used by draughtsmen and architects. The text is printed on heavy paper made by J Barcham Green especially for this edition. This is number 198 of 200 copies, signed in pencil by Pinter and Cohen.