New Editions

The Curwen Press will return in homage to the past as a commissioning and publishing company. Remaining true to its founding principles, the Curwen Press will respond to all forms of print media, old and emerging; supporting and following the print interests of leading contemporary artists of today. Harold Curwen believed that every job, however small, should be carried out to the highest standard of design and printing. This driving forward of an aesthetic revolution defined the popular face of Britain and it is the purpose of any arts organisation to be relevant and to strive to meet the same challenges of today. Celebrating the revival of printmaking in all its forms, and in keeping with Curwen’s ideals, the Press seeks to establish its place in fine art printing – both in the aesthetics of the printed image and in promoting a social agenda. The Press will actively look at creating prints for organisations involved in current challenges, including art and healthcare, art and human rights, art and ecology and art and social justice issues.